Workouts For Abs, video demonstration

Do you do abs workouts or focus to get lean body? There are thousands different abs workouts, each of which promises to provide you with the secret of six pack abs, but how do you know which exercise is right for you?

Abs is the pot of gold of many people's fitness goals, but getting them is hard.

How long does it take to get abs ?

It`s depending on your current body fat level, nutrition and exercise methods, the time required to get six pack varies from person to person. For you, this may take weeks to a year or more, depend on how much fat you have to lose and how you going to use nutrition and exercise to lose fat and gain muscle.

Not sure how to change your abs program to get the best results? Don't worry: we have list of the best core moves that you can use daily basis and it will make you feel the burning fat in all the right body places.


1. Plank abs

Planks also strengthen the all body, improve your posture, can help decrease low back pain. The plank can be as simple or difficult as you do; your job is to make it difficult to make the most of it. This means creating tension throughout the body. You want your all body to stay tight on the plank, so you have to hold a certain amount of tension on your shoulder blades, drive your upper arms, from elbows to shoulders, completely perpendicular to the ground, through your core (obviously) to keep a lot of Tension and squeeze your quadriceps to straighten your knees.

2. Dead Bug

In my opinion, dead bugs are undoubtedly the most important core exercise. Over time, by learning and improving the process of dead bugs, you are not only exercising your core, you will also learn a lot about how to breathe correctly.

Most importantly, you will learn how to coordinate all core muscles to stabilize the midline to resist resistance, even when the limbs are moving, which is very important for bodyweight exercises and workouts with weights.

3.Russian Twist

Want to exercise your entire core through a challenging action? You may want to add Russian twists to your daily workout plan. Important reason for add Russian twists to your usual six pack program is that they are very adaptable, they can be easy adjust for beginners, and they are more challenging for experienced fitness enthusiasts. The Russian twist is a core exercise, you can do it anywhere without any equipment! Having strong oblique muscles not only looks good, but also supports your posture and helps prevent back injuries.

4. Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers will do your abdomen, quads, glutes, hamstrings, triceps and shoulders get an intense burn. Not many exercises can simultaneously increase strength, exercise core muscles, and provide you with excellent cardio exercise. But this is exactly what the mountain climber practice can do for you. Overall, mountain climbers are easy to learn and versatile, and because they have little effect on joints, almost anyone can add them to their workouts. When done at high intensity, mount climbers are a great way to burn body fat also mountain climbers activate the glutes.

5. Crunches

According study, bicycle crunches are the most powerful exercise when analyzing abdominal muscle activity. Training your core is the core of any strength training program. Crunches are a classic exercise to improve balance and stability, and as an extra reward, get super torn abs. You may have been doing crunches for years, so until now, this action is almost second nature to you. But what if you have been doing crunches wrong all the time? If you do not focus on your form to perform this action, you may deceive yourself of all the great benefits of this core exercise.