Most Frequently Asked Fitness Questions and short answers

We found many of the fitness, personal training, lose weight, workout questions are the same! This is why we have compiled the most common fitness questions asked as a fitness trainer.

Do I need workout supplements - Yes, with supplements you will achieve results faster.

Do I need workout gloves - No, but gloves helps you lift weights without losing your grip.

Do I need to workout everyday - No, you need rest days to let your body and muscles to recover from the exercise. Please read more here: Can you work out every day?

Do I need to workout to lose weight - Yes and No. You can lose weight without workout, but if you want to do it healthy way and look good you have to work out.

Do I need to workout abs - No, your abs working by doing other combination movements, but if you want to have bigger abs you have to train them.

How do I get abs - Stick on healthy diet, do cardio and abs exercises. Please read more here: Workouts For Abs

Is it possible to get abs at home - Yes, it`s possible.

How long should I workout a day - 30 -90 min. depends on your fitness goals.

How can I increase muscle mass - Workout routine with little repetitions with high weight, eat good quality food with more protein, get more sleep, take sports supplements.

How to get lean body - If get lean body is your goal, then what you should to do is increase muscle mass and lose fat. Please read more here: How to Get Lean Body

How to lose weight - Eat regular high protein low carbs meals, avoid junk food, get more active do cardio.

Why drinking water helps weight loss - Water is a good natural appetite suppressant and you will decrease your normal day calorie intake if you drink before a meal. Please read more here: Drinking Water Benefits

What training should I be doing to lose weight - Weight training, jogging, running, walking, cycling, swimming, boxing, interval training, boot camp, crossfit, jumping rope.

What workout burns the most fat - Rope jumping, burpees, squats, low intensity cardio, lunge jumps, crossFit. Please read more here: Best Cardio for Weight Loss

Which workout routine is the best - A great workout routine to build muscle belong on your personal goals. Please read more here: Workout Routine

What gym machines work abs - Treadmill machines, rowing machines, stair climbers.

What are the benefits of squats with weights - Squats lift your butt, strengthen your core, increase power, strengthen knees and joints, build muscle all over, reduce cellulite, improve posture. Please read more here: Health Benefits of Squats

What is bodypump workout - Bodypump workout focuses on a different muscle group. You can always expect lots of squats, deadlifts, lunges, biceps curls, push ups, chest presses, overhead presses and more. Please read more here: Body Pump Calories Burned

What is cross fitness workout - Cross fitness is more than just a form of exercise. It provides a different understanding of fitness concepts, designed to support you in community exercise and prevent stagnation due to various sports.

What is the point of hip thrusts - The Hip Thrust is a great glute exercise to improve your strength, explosiveness and speed by teaching the best hip extension. Please reado more here: Hip Thrusts Exercise

What is peloton bike - Peloton bikes are a stationary home trainer with a large touch screen.


What personal trainer do - Personal trainers have the knowledge, skills and abilities required to design safe and effective fitness programs. They guide and help people achieve their personal health and fitness goals.

What is rogue fitness - It`s sport equipment brand, including barbells, sleds, power racks and accessories.

What is fitness studio - Fitness studio provides one to one personal training or group physical exercises and health-related fitness activities, including pilates, yoga, meditation, martial arts, aerobics and more.

What are aerobics training exercises - Walking, dancing, hiking, jogging, running, biking, rowing, swimming, cardio dance class, cardio kickboxing and more.

What size home gym do i need - The size to fit your essential fitness equipment.

How much weight benches cost - A good quality bench costs 200 - 400 eur.

What is physical fitness - Physical fitness refers to a set of characteristics that allow a person to be physically active.

What creatine does - Creatine can increase your lean muscle mass and better athletic performance, especially doing high intensity, short duration sports like weight lifting and high hopping. Please read more here: Creatine When Cutting

Does pre workout make you fat - No, does not pre workout supplements make you fat.

What age can you workout - Most children are ready to start consciously building up their strength when they are 7 years old.

What is the best fitness watch - Fitbit Charge 5 Activity Tracker. Please read more here: Top 3 Fitness Trackers, Watches

What are foods high in protein - Chicken breast, beef, tuna, fish, eggs, nuts. Please read more here: High Protein Foods