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Personal Trainer


          As you get started with RP Coach (me) you'll be asked to complete a questionnaire form so that I can use this information to help you reach your goals. I will ask you about your dietary preferences, fitness level, your lifestyle, workout experience, what equipment you have access to, your goals, a little about you and more. I will design a fully customized safe and effective workout and nutrition plan (diet plan) - based in YOUR goals and preferences, that will show you exactly what to do to get results you want.


Female / Male

Online Coaching Package

What you'll get




☆ Customized Nutrition Plan

☆ Customized Workout Program

☆ Weekly Check-ins

☆ 24/7 Email Support

☆ Access to the member area

☆ Video demonstration for each exercise

☆ Progress monitoring/tracking

☆ Adjustments to your Meal and Workout Plan

Online Coaching

How it works