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Strength in Body & Mind

Hi Everyone,

             My name is Renata, fitness and health enthusiast. I’m a fully qualified (ITEC) personal trainer and online coach for over 9 years. Alongside that I specialize as a Nutrition advisor. During my career I have had the pleasure of winning Irish National Bikini competition and becoming a multi-time competitor of IFBB Fitness Bikini competition. 

            I have been an athlete ever since I was a young girl growing up in Lithuania, playing many team and individual sports. Volleyball has been my main passion when it comes to team sport, I have been playing it since I can remember and this is a passion that I still haven’t let go off to this day. I’m a team member of ‘Dublin Volleyball Club’ in the Premier League. I have also been given an amazing opportunity to work with the Irish National Volleyball squad as a fitness coach, an opportunity which I truly
cherish. My sport driven lifestyle has provided me with many excellent traits needed to succeed in this field, such as determination, focus, patience and most importantly hard work. 

        Ever since I took on my first client as a personal trainer and an online coach my goal has been to share and convey everything I have gained in my career to my clients. There are no ‘generic’ programs in my work, each client is taken as a unique individual and everything is tailored around their own strengths, weaknesses and personalities. I develop effective workout programs through strict adherence to all the health and safety guidelines, your well being is my number one priority. I help my clients to reach their own personal goals, push them out of their comfort zone and also have some fun along the way! I try to enable my clients to achieve the right mindset where I can help them to help themselves - in my opinion this is one of the main ingredients to success.


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   FETAC Level 5
   ITEC Diploma in Aerobics Teaching
   ITEC Diploma in Gym Instruction
   ITEC Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology


   FETAC Level 6

   Nutrition Advisor
   Advanced Certificate in Sports        Development
   ITEC   Personal Training
   ITEC   Holistic Massage – Sports Massage – Personal Training

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